Lester Young is setting a new standard for "living a life of redemption".

His job focuses on training and educating formerly incarcerated individuals around advocacy and organizing.

Lester is widely known for his work with Mayor Benjamin of Columbia, SC; in having the first statewide ordinance passed for "#Banthebox". This campaign gives incarcerated individuals the chance to complete applications without being discriminated against for past convictions.

Lester is always doing more to better himself...

One year after his release, he founded the nonprofit organization “Path2Redemption”, named after the programs he taught in prison.

He is the owner of “Young’s Integrity Pressure Washing”, a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Certified Disk Assessment Trainer, and he is a Certified Member of The Leadership Challenge. 

Lester is "the voice" for those that are not able to speak for themselves. He is a highly requested speaker, primarily within the prison environment. During his visits, he encourages incarcerated individuals to educate and prepare themselves for the adjustments of returning to family and their environment. 

His lived experience gives those that have not spent time in prison a different perspective when it comes to teaching and training. He speaks and trains employees within The Human Resource Department on the benefits of hiring formerly incarcerated individuals. 

Mr. Young has created programs, courses, and published books ALL from outlines he created during his incarceration. These resources are used in prisons, detention centers, youth facilities, and transitional homes all around the world!


Lester's Story Started at the age of 19 years old...

...when he took someone’s life.

Sentenced to serve a minimum of 20 years, Lester started to deal with his pain and reflect on the actions which led to his incarceration.

With less than a 3% chance of parole, Lester started to transform himself to become a better person.

Now released, Lester is the Executive Director and Founder of Path2Redemption and author of the highly acclaimed book The 5 Stages of Incarceration and creator of the Path2Redemption curriculum.

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