Founded in 2015 by Lester Young, Path2Redemption's mission is to provide aftercare assistance for formerly incarcerated individuals with their transition back to society after incarceration.



offers assistance to those formerly incarcerated, at-risk youth, the homeless population, and anyone in need of help, who lacks the resources and/or knowledge of receiving that help. 

 We offer the following programs:

  • Youth
  • The Homeless Population
  • Expungement & Pardon Clinics
  • Retreats
  • Forklift Training
  • Conferences

Annual Conference

Our community has access to many resources. Unfortunately for some residents with limited mobility, this information slips through the cracks, forcing them to go without assistance designed to help.

Path2Redemption offers an Annual Conference that provides information outlets currently available to these residents. We have representatives and vendors onsite that provide the following:

  • Free Clothing
  • Representatives providing information on free healthcare

  • Breakout Sessions with mock interviews designed to provide key essentials and etiquette for job preparations

The conference consists of as many as 40 companies/vendors. A few in attendance are as follows:

  1. Richland County Library
  2. Department of Motor Vehicles
  3. Department of Social Services
  4. Midlands Technical College
  5. Pardon/Expungement Officers

If you are interested in attending or participating as a vendor for our next conference, click the link below.

Path2Redemption Annual Conference

Forklift Training

The demand for forklift operators has been steadily rising for the last four years. Job postings for forklift operators have doubled. The average worker makes an annual salary of $35,360, which is more than double the national minimum salary.

Path2Redemption offers a 2-day Forklift Certification. The course is given by an OSHA Certified Instructor.

The Forklift Operator training consists of the 3 sections:

  1. Classroom instruction (delivered by book, lecture, or similar training materials).

  2. Hands-On Training (live demonstrations, practice exercises on the forklift while under direct supervision of the trainer).

  3. Evaluation of the classroom information and successful completion of the operator’s performance of the forklift. 

If you or someone you know of could benefit from having this certification, please click the link below to secure your spot with $20. 

***Due to inclement weather, the class for January 21-22, 2022 has been rescheduled. 
If you have registered, please check your email for details***

The dates for the next class are February 4th-5th 2022. Lunch will be provided on both days


Homeless Drives

Path2Redemption provides the homeless population with the necessities needed to help them adjust to the scorching temperatures during the summer and the freezing temperatures during the winter.

Whether it's walking through the park during the year gifting as many as possible with bagged lunches equipped with sandwiches, bottled water, chips, and something sweet to chew on, OR passing out winter gear that consists of thermal socks, sleeping bags, hats, and gloves, OR  making sure as many of them have care packages consisting of personal hygiene products, tissue, hand sanitizers, and masks to help protect them from the spread of Covid-19, Path2Redemption is there to assist! 


Pardon Clinics

Path2Redemption partners with SC Legal, and other agencies, to host quarterly free expungement clinics. 

During these clinics, a representative explains the process needed when applying for assistance for a pardon, we also determine their eligibility to have one or more charges removed or expunged from their criminal record(s). 

Depending on the financial status of the applicant, Path2Redemption provides funds to take care of ALL FEES associated with the process (application, cost of pardon, and/or expungement).

The request for Pardon and Expungement Clinics sometimes exceeds the quarterly expectation, if you're interested or know of someone that may benefit from this service, please click on the link below for more details on the times and dates of our clinics. 



Path2Redemption realizes that when a loved one is behind bars, the person locked up isn't the only one who has to serve the time, their families and loved ones suffer as well. Path2Redemption offers retreats for those previously incarcerated, troubled youth, AND their families as well. For youth experiencing issues in the home and void of parental guidance, retreats can be a source of escape from the noise.  

Retreats offer the advantage of physical, emotional, and mental withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Our retreats offer the opportunity to elude yourself from harmful impacts of frustration, barriers, and obstacles to appreciate a sanctuary in which one can begin to recoup from pain and mend on all levels. For those formerly incarcerated, having to adjust to life after prison can have quite an impact on one's mental state of mind. Having a retreat is not required, but necessary. 


Self-Empowerment Youth Programs

The mission of Self-Empowerment is to engage each participant in critical thinking that empowers them to make better life choices. Our ultimate goal is to provide outlets, counseling, mentoring, and support groups to assist with keeping our youth from overcrowing prison facilities. 

Path2Redemption's Self-Empowerment program partners with different youth programs, religious institutions, after-school programs, juvenile court systems, and mentoring groups.



Path2Redemption encourages those within the community to get involved by assisting and involving themselves with various organizations in need of assistance. 

We are also requesting help with volunteers to help with setting up retreats, job fairs, pardon clinics, passing out flyers, and assistance with our voter registration drives. Please click the link below if you or someone you know of is able to volunteer at local churches, shelters, and schools.

Any services or resources you can assist Path2Redemption with to further our work within the community are greatly appreciated.


"I help people transform and find redemption"...

At the age of 19, Lester was sentenced to serve life in prison for murder. During this time, Lester created outlines, programs, and classes to instruct and mentor fellow inmates.

After serving 22 years and 5 months, Lester was granted parole on May 14, 2015, at the age of 41. 

Today, Lester holds the following titles:

  • Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Disc Trainer
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
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Rebecca Jessup

For those of us who care about someone who is currently incarcerated, Lester gives a sense of hope and of what's a possible positive change, and positive life after prison.

Renee M. James

Lester's message is truly life-changing. His book and speech give men the tools to fight these battles in a healthy way. Thank you so much Lester for all that you have done!

Shawn Gavin

I just started reading this book today and it is a powerful piece of the manuscript. I have never been incarcerated but, I felt like he was speaking directly to me. Thank you, Lester!

I want to set a new standard for "living a life of redemption". 

As an Renowned Speaker, and Coach, I'm passionate about educating formerly incarcerated individuals around advocacy and organizing.

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Books By Lester Young

The Five Stages of Growth

How I Transformed My Life While Serving Life

The Five Stages of Growth is the personal testament of Lester Young's resilience while standing in the face of different adversities. Not only does this book speak on the adversities he faced daily while incarcerated, it also gives insight on struggles he's stumbled across since being released from prison on May 15, 2015.

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The Five Stages of Incarceration

How I Found My Path2Redemption While Serving Life

 "The Five Stages of Incarceration" is the personal story of Lester Young's journey to redemption. This "self-help" booklet is the perfect blueprint for those that are currently incarcerated. During the first 3 years of his incarceration, he recognized the need to change.

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